Drinking Water has now become a finite resource, one we share with all living things. Humans are consuming and polluting water faster than can be naturally produced by our Earth. Public "water" isn't really public because you pay for all of it and the cities and states determine how to use it.

Bottled water comes from public sources and is sold to the consumer as if it is safer than tap water. The reality is that our highly technological lifestyle has compromised most of our water sources.  Fracking, corporate farming, high tech industry, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, industry in general and city living pollute water every second of every day.​

As we work to clean up water supplies and control contamination we have two choices: 1) hope for the best and drink what is available 2) Do something to ensure our health and safety. This is the time to simply find solutions and Water by ChacTM is offering them - from whole house systems to RV and tiny home options. Our NanotriteTM  systems can be custom designed to fit any need of any size.

Water by ChacTM chooses to be a solution in the field of water purification and not wait for the invisible "they" or "them" to do something about the problem.  As a society we have become accustomed to waiting for someone else to fix the big problems - whether it is the city, state or federal government.  We, as individuals, need to find the solutions for any issue that puts the health of our families and communities at risk.

Become aware and then become the Solution and the Change for tomorrow.

Water by ChacTM is doing it one drop at a time... 


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