Water from Air


Chac 300 - high volume

Imagine the convenience of water where you need it when you need it: an abundant, reliable source of fresh drinking water. When common sources of water are so often contaminated, Chac 300 is a reliable water supply without the risk. 


A single Chac 300 unit can easily supply all the water needs of a single-family residence or bundle a few machines together and have the capacity of providing as much as you need at a specific location. Produce large volumes for:

• Homes & New Construction
• Health Clinics & Schools
• Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief
• Remote Villages & Work Sites
• Farms & Greenhouse

Chac 150 - regular and/or alternative energy


Chac 150 water making machines, are designed with lower power consumption requirements. These are great for homes with low water use requirements. With adequate humidity of approximately 50% and warm temperatures of 75º F, the machines are designed to supply over 100-150 gallons of fresh drinking water from the air per day.


Using only 3.6 kilowatts of electricity, Chac 150 are solar adaptable and conveniently sized to operate using 12 - 120 watt solar panels.


Alternatively, Chac machines (of any size) can be powered using Biofuel-Gasifiers, an electric power generator which runs on any and all bio fuels, such as wood, cow manure, dried brush, trash etc. Biofuel-Gasifiers are particularly useful in a natural disaster situation where debris can be quickly converted into electric fuel, which in turn powers atmospheric water generation. Biofuel-Gasifiers, are being used in remote villages in India to generate electricity for air to water production.


Chac 150 alternative energy water making machines are ideal for remote locations lacking infrastructure.

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