Point of Use for Alkaline Water

Chac Complete whole house systems


Our ground water purification systems can take any city, well or rain water and turn it into clean, fresh drinking water. The system is installed at the entry point of your water source delivers clean water to your entire house and garden. If you move, the system can be disconnected and installed in your new home or can significantly increase the sale price of your current home.


We offer a variety of systems to meet each individual need.  Our systems require little or no maintenance and address hard water, well water and fracked polluted water.  Our system will clean 300,000 gallons before requiring a filter change


The Chac Whole Home Filtering System consists of the ONLY carbon media to achieve the NSF International 61 Certification.  NSF test for all pollutants, metals and bacteria to make sure the water meets ALL international potable drinking water regulations.​


The Chac Water Filtration Systems media has been Tested and Certified by an independent analytical water testing laboratory. All test results show that the Chac system will eliminate 99% of  heavy metals, odor, chlorides, surfactants, TDS’s, fluoride, bacteria and pharmaceuticals present in your city/county water. The system provides 7.3 pH water to your house and garden.

​​An Alkaline filter and faucet kit are included in the package to be installed in the kitchen or other designated drinking water area providing 8.0 - 9.5 pH drinking water.  This filter lasts from 3-4 years (2500 gals)  depending on water usage.

The patented Nano-Filtration process naturally produces 20% more oxygen in the water, causing it to become colder by about 2 degrees. When there is more oxygen present in the water it becomes a deterrent to future bacteria growth in the water pipes of your home or office.​


This system can be designed, at additional cost, to clean well water and contaminated Fracked water.



Chac 8 Stage Under Counter System


Toxic Free

Fluoride Free

Contaminate Free

Pharmaceutical Free


Alkaline Water

​Eight stage filtering system:

Stage 1 - Sediment pre-filter removes: sediment, rust particles, scale particles, dirt, sand, silt

Stage 2 - advanced active carbon pre-filter removes: chlorine, sediment, rust, disinfection by-product (DBP), VOC  and taste

Stage 3 - Ultra-Filtration f: for the removal of particulates and macromolecules.

Stage 4 - Resin Filter:  Removes poisonous (e.g. copper) and heavy-metal (e.g. lead or cadmium)

Stage 5 - NANOTRITE™ FILTER – what makes us unique in the industry – effectively filters and suppresses
               harmful substances and pollutants, e.g. heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, parasites, nitrates, micro-pollutants,

               pharmaceuticals, and micro plastic.

​Stage 6 - MINERAL FILTER – re-mineralization to ensure that naturally occurring minerals are present in the water

Stage 7 - ORP (ALKALINE) FILTER – raises PH to 8.5 – 9.5  What your body needs for health and wellbeing.

Stage 8 - FAR INFRARED FILTER - Made of Tourmaline balls - the electric current that flows through tourmaline is actually the movement of electrons originating in the sun. The sun bathes the Earth in a continuous stream of negatively-charged electrons which enter the positively-charged side of tourmaline and exit from the negatively-charged side. With this current flowing through it, tourmaline is like a battery with unlimited life.  When placed in water, slight pressure contributes to a piezoelectric effect that supports water’s crystalline structure. The natural resonant frequency of water (and therefore of all organic organisms) is within the far infrared (FIR) frequency band. Water is both a receiver and an emitter of the FIR wave band.  The FIR wavelengths between 4 and 16 microns play an important role in life. They have been referred to as “biogenetic rays” or the frequencies of life. Water (and all organic organisms) absorb FIR easily. This form of resonance absorption creates increased vitality in living tissues, enhancing energy levels, and increasing metabolism.

Advantages to Chac filter systems:

*water that is clean, fresh, clear, and great tasting as well as immune and health boosting

*coffee, tea, juices, soups and sauces made with pure alkaline water increases flavor

*NO MORE bottled waster  or plastic waste - save money and the environment!  Our 3,000 gal system is the equivalent of 24,000
      16 oz water bottles before filter change is required.

*great for pets and children​

​Our point of use under counter (UC) filtering system offers clean, balanced water  for apartments, townhouses or other living environments that do not have access to main water sources or space to put the larger unit.  It is also a lower cost option.


Our Filtration Technology acts like a "SUPER SPONGE" and then, through various catalytic reactions at the atomic level, it effectively filters and suppresses harmful substances and pollutants. Using Nano-Technology which is the atomic means of developing a "NEW" molecule that is far superior to its individual parts and was developed for this specific purpose.

The most advanced point of use filtration system on the market! Destroys very strong bacteria, including cholera, heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, micro-pollutants, pla coloring, tastes and odors.

This system is easily installed and just as easily removed and reinstalled if you move.


Designed for Apartments, Condos, RV's and homes where the Whole House system cannot be installed.  After many years of development we have been able to process the NanotriteTM into a form that allows it's use in a small shower filter.

The filter can:

- Remove 96% of Chlorine

- Eliminate heavy metals

- Remove THMs, VOCs, insecticides, 

  and odors






With a little ingenuity we have modified the filter to fit under the bathroom sink to provide clean water for brushing your teeth or your ice line for clean ice and water from the refrigerator. 


Chac system for RV's, Camping, Mini  Homes, Gardens and more

For those that enjoy traveling or have a small footprint lifestyle yet want safe and clean water for drinking and bathing while enjoying your journey anywhere.  Without concern for water quality you can travel freely knowing that your drinking, cooking and bathing water is healthy and clean. 


Never buy a plastic bottle of water again!!! Save the environment, your health and money!!

The unit includes:


-- in line gallon meter

-- Nanotrite filter - Never change

-- three 5 micron pre filters - change every 1000 gallons

-- mounting brackets and connections